Tasting Taipei coffee

Creativeity Coffee 2010

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
1st Place Jian Jia- Cheng
Theme Red Mountains
Ingredient Black coffee, tomato pulp, rose syrup, roselle tea
Concept Jian Jia- Cheng runs a breakfast and coffee shop in Taipei. He has great passion for coffee, and loves to coffee himself. While he was once riding his motorcycle among the Yang Ming Mountains, the beauty of red maples overwhelmed him and inspired his creation of Red Mountains. The color of Red Mountains, interwoven with orange, pink and black, arouses your visionary imagination.While drinking, you first taste the lychee aroma, and then a faint sweet taste of coffee in the end. Red Mountains changes your opinion of coffee, and is qualified to represent Taipei because of its originality.

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
Runner-Up Wu Tza-Lin
Theme Cosmos
Ingredient Black coffee, appleslush, Osmanthus Jelly, stirred roselle tea bubbles
Concept Though a patent engineer at the present, Wu Tza-Lin used to run a tricycle and worked as a mobile barista. After he moved to Taipei at the age of ten, he often missed the natural freshness and harmony of his old home. One morning, when he was riding the bicycle along the urban bike path, smelling the osmanthus fragrance, the inspiration of Cosmos occurred to him. He instilled the fragrance into Cosmos , and wished to make people who drank it feel refreshed and amazed.

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
3rd Place Huang Ming-Jr
Theme Love Life
Ingredient Black coffee, passion fruit, longan, tea made by coffee leaf, sun-dried coffee beans
Concept Huang Ming-Jr, who comes from a coffee family, works as a barista and has studies coffee earnestly. He used black coffee as the base of Love Life, and mixed it with the tea of coffee leaves. The coffee cherry highlighted the sourness, sweetness, and scent of coffee. The top notes of passion fruit, the heart note of longan sweetness, and the base notes of black coffee, together made the rich texture of Love Life.


Creativeity Coffee 2009

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
1st Place Zhuang Hong Zhang
Theme Ruckoo
Ingredient Juicy peach, Goddess of Luoshui River
Concept In fruit dense peach matching likes which by oneself the Goddess of Luoshui River is colored, selects the coffee cuckoo same being in full bloom. The director said likely looked the owner host coffee is one kind enjoys, looks it used some specialized equipment to let the overall specialty also promote many, but the posture full also had the coffee tasty quite important, appraised besides lowers the head beside the thinking not to be able to see the clue completely.

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
Runner-Up Huang Ming-Jr
Theme Culture lifestyle of Taipei
Ingredient osmanthus ferments, Oolong tea, Goddess of Luoshui River flower, coffee, t milk The director aspirations the creativity coffee ferments by the sweet-scented osmanthus works as the bottom.
Concept The lamination joins the Oolong tea, the Goddess of Luoshui River flower and the ice coffee, the milk (milk soaks), folds upwardly, after careful he in order to fear joins the ice piece the coffee flavor disappears, but also the careful manufacture Oolong tea ice piece.

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
3rd Place Jhuang Cing Rong
Theme Salty, sour, sweet
Ingredient Speech plum, red tune
Concept Mr. Jhuang takes the Goddess of Luoshui River at the beginning of taste to compare in the acid the belt to be sweet.
He used color level creation vision effect, adjusts the liquor the technique to present this multi-level coffee.
He is sated: “The life wants not to have colored black and white”, the coffee no longer only then the coffee, the milk black and white two colors, as if say the creativity coffee the spirit.


Creativeity Coffee 2008

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
1st Place Zhuang Hong Zhang
Theme Rosy Smile
Experience Lapres-midi café trainer
5 years chef experience, 3 years barista experience
Ingredient Roselle 100g, Kumquat juice 30c.c., syrup 30c.c., Expresso 40c.c.
Concept By using the local roselle, traditional syrup and kumquat, Zhuang matches these ingredients with fruit-flavored coffee bean to add in the taste of freshness. The ingredients are easy to pick up and very creative in flavors and color.

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
Runner-up Huang Ming De
Theme Aromatic Taipei
Experience Department of coffee roasting, Zhong Mei Coffee
Li-Fang Coffee
Yemen Coffee
Executive Director, Taipei Special Coffee Association
National Taiwan University Coffee Sense Training Course
2008 Mei-San Coffee Assistant Judge
Ingredient Huang uses special mixture of coffee beans from Africa, Asia and Mid South America and combine with his own selective roasting beans and Tieh Kuan Yia (A type of oolong tea) from Muzha, Taipei.
Concept The mixture of Western coffee and Eastern tea has given unique aromas of tea and coffee. His coffee represents Taipei by sealing the soul of Eastern culture under the cover of a foreign appearance.

Creative Taipei Coffee Competition
3rd Place Wang Li Zhu
Theme Pink Lady Classic Iced Coffee
Experience Caffe Trombetta, Supervisor
Shika Service System International Co., Vice Manager of Research & Promotion Service Department
Caffe Trombetta, Trainer
13 years Food and Beverage Experience
Ingredient Italy Espresso 30c.c., Red yeast rice (Organic) 15g, Fresh milk 120c.c., Syrup, Ice cube, Whipping cream, Japan edible gold leaf
Concept In order to create a different kind of health beverage by using Italian coffee and local organic red yeast rice, Wang chooses to use “Caffe Trombetta” coffee beans and organic red yeast rice from Chin-Shang, Taitung as the basic ingredients of her coffee.