A Few Words on Coffee

For most people, coffee does not belong to our traditional culture, but the goods from foreign countries. However, the drink with great charm is now already popular in the world, increasing attracting a lot of fans. Over a hundred years, in Taipei, a city with internationalization and metropolis, the influence of coffee has also been quietly sprouting and growing, and then becomes a part of the city.

In the history of over a hundred years, with the unique life pace of the citizens in Taipei, coffee has gradually developed a very unique culture.Taipei's booming commercial market with fast advancement in information, and international vision and so on are shaping the coffee culture of Taipei. As a Taipei citizen, it is necessary for you to know the elements of this culture.

With the people's demand for highly development commercial behaviors in Taipei City, coffee has gradually become a design of consumption. Along with the pursuit of life quality by people, coffee has gradually developed into a a kind of specialty. Drinking coffee for Taipei citizens is not just a kind of consumption behavior. It also shows a taste for the whole processing of coffee from coffee agriculture, processing operations and then to refined baking, they may become the subject when people drink. Moreover, with attention to oth the environmental awareness and the concept of healthy eating, the coffee houses in Taipei City have started to focus on ;health;, many coffee shops provide a light meal coupled with black coffee with an eye to letting customers drink with health as well as make a contribution to the protection of the environment. In addition, the cafés in alleys even become the best places for office workers at lunch break, which is the unique coffee culture in Taipei. At night, the coffee houses with low profile far away from the main roads, hung with beacons of yellow light one by one, equipped with microfog french windows, with space full of atmosphere, plus fine dining surroundings, put the Taipei unique ;romantic; atmosphere for all into these cafés. Lovers' dialogues, couple's conversations, talks between friends or colleagues gatherings can be fulfilled in these small spaces. Not only that, more and more coffee shops in Taipei are more thoughtfully incorporating which art, music, literature, and style in the style of cafés, which makes the dream of experiencing art, listening to music, reading books over a cup of coffee no longer so distant, with the cup of coffee satisfying your desire for the intellectuality.

Taiwan Coffee Festival this year is not just an activity, but also a combination of various elements on the basis of the coffee culture. So we named it 【2010 Taipei Specialty Coffee】, saying out loud the pride of good coffee shops in Taipei, expressing our demand for the quality in coffee, letting our life become refined!